White River Rafting

  • Trishuli River Rafting

    Trishuli river rafting is one of the popular river rafting and is easily accessible from Kathmandu as well as Pokhara. The source of this river is in Gosainkunda and according to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva threw his trident in rocky mountain to create three springs ultimately giving rise to this river.It is the ideal destination.Rafting is not too difficult and has an easy access from Kathmandu and Pokhara. The water flow in Trishuli River is big, bouncy and has relatively safe flips where the probability for accidents is very low. For the first timers river Trishuli is the best place of experience.

    The best part of this trip is that the raft comprises of Scenic valleys, thrilling gorges, moving rapids.This trip can even be combined with Pokhara and Chitwan tour.


    River Grade: Class III+
    Starting point: Baireni/Charaudi
    Ending Point: Gaighat
    River Distance: 38 km
    River Days: 3 Days (From Kathmandu)
    Best Season: Round of year(October through mid-December and March through early May are the best times)
    Price: USD $ 40.00 Per person/ per day (Foreigner),USD $ 35.00 Per person/ per day (Indian/Chinese), NRS Rs.2000 Per person/ per day (Nepali People)


  • Kali gandaki River Rafting

    One of the famous names of Himalayan Rivers, the mighty Kali Gandaki raises in Upper Mustang through the deepest gorge in the world. And finally emerging out from the middle of Annapurna massif and Mt Dhaulagiri. It got its name after the goddess Kali known for her furiousness and brutality. Kali gandaki is the best option for whitewater river rafting.


    All day you have to continuous keeping paddlers busy against all technical rapids on the Kali Gandaki River. Experienced and beginner rafters love this. Nowhere else is it possible to find such diversity on a 3 day raft trip.  The Kali gandaki river raft comprises of valley with scenic beauty, peaceful beach, remote villages which really refresh you. Such a diversity cannot be found anywhere in a 3 day raft but Kali gandaki seem to be generous to give us that opportunity.

    After your exhilarating white water trip you have options either to drive or fly back to Kathmandu or to visit the Royal Chitwan National Park or again you can go for the trekking trip in the popular area of Annapurna region for few days. 


    River Grade: Class III - IV
    Starting point: Nayapool
    Ending Point: Andikhola (Mirme)
    River Distance: 55 km
    River Days: 3 Days from Pokhara, 5 Days from Kathmandu
    Best Season: Sep - Dec or March - May
    Price: USD $ 160.00 Per person 

  • Bhote Koshi River Rafting

    Bhote koshi is a river situated 70 km east of Kathmandu valley. Among seven best whitewater adventures in Nepal Bhote koshi is one of them. Bhote means Tibet and Koshi means River in Nepali which literary means River that is originated from Tibet. The Kathmandu / Lhasa Highway (AKA Friendship Highway, Arniko Highway) runs along beside the river. Bhote Koshi is the beautiful for adventure trip with very steep and basically non-stop mountain river only 3 hours drives from Kathmandu offering days of intense and challenging river activity.

    If you have never rafted before and you have limited time but desire for rafting.Then this is a perfect introductory trip package for you. Because of the Bhote Kosi is probably the most exciting short rafting trip in Nepal.

    Rafting in Bhote Koshi you also get the chance to observe bright green green fields are terraced high above the river on steep slopes, curious villagers lining suspension bridges as we plunge through cascading waves. The adventure can be rafted between October and December and February and April.

    It also serves as Bhote koshi hydroelectricity project that supplies 45MW electricity. This river demands for two days to raft here; in first day we will raft in lower section of IV grade and the next day we will raft in the upper section of V to VI grade. 

    River Grade: Class IV+
    Starting point: Baseri (95 KM)
    Ending Point: Dolalghat
    River Distance: 20 km
    River Days: 2 Days from Kathmandu
    Best Season: Oct - Dec or March - May
    Price: USD $ 130.00 Per person 


  • Marsyangdi River Rafting

    Marsyangdi River Rafting was only opened to rafting in 1996 and yields some of the most exciting class IV-V white water in Nepal. The rapids are technical and require a very different approach.Marsyangdi River Rafting is one of the best class 4 kayaking rivers in the world as recommended for expert kaykers and rafters.

    The Marsyangdi needs fast reactions from the crew. The river is located on the eastern side of the Annapurna circuit. The Marsyangdi River has long been famous for the beautiful views. With each twist and turn the steep creats adventure for the crew.The scenery is magnificent with every bend of the river opening up fresh secenry of some of the world's highest mountains. 

    River Grade: Class V+
    Starting point: Nagdi
    Ending Point: Bimalnagar
    River Distance: 47 km
    River Days:   4 Days from Kathmandu or Pokhara
    Best Season: Nov - Dec or March - May
    Price: USD $ 225.00 Per person


  • Karnali river rafting

    The river comes from from Mount Kailash, a sacred river in Tibet – the center of the universe for both Buddhist and Hindu. The Karnali is Nepal's longest river in Nepal. With its tributaries, it drains to the far west of Nepal. The river is one of the finest big volume rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal.

    From Surkhet town, there is an unique and lovely two-day trek through lowland Sal forest to the village of Saul in far West Nepal. From Sauli it's 180 km to the nest road access at Chisopani, on the northern border of thel Bardia National Park.

    The first half of the river journey into the “wild west” offers excellent white water excitement. The second half of the trip settles down into some more moderate & gentle rapids and eventually a relaxed float rewarded by pure and perfect wilderness. The Karnali River finishes at the famous Bardia National Park. The National park is famous for remote jungle and rich in wildlife such as tigers, rhino, crocodiles, deer, sloth bear, monkeys, birdlife, mahseer fish and more.

    River grade:   Class V-
    Starting Point:  Kalyani Ghat ( Sauli) 
    Ending Point:  Chisapani ( Near Bardia National Park)
    River Distance:  180 km
    River Days:  9 Days from Kathmandu 
    Best season:  Oct-Dec or March -April
    Price:  USD $ 650.00 per person 


  • Sun Koshi River

    Sun Koshi River is one of the 10th classic and best white water journeys. Sunkoshi (river of gold) offers a longest river trip which flow down from snow-capped mountains. This enchanting river expedition of 9 days will definitely be the highlight of you visit to Nepal, and so shall its memory last for ever and ever. Sunkoshi is an unpredictable river, which has it’s own moods, movement, changing, and challenging. This proves Sun Koshi is famous in rafting circles, and with good reason.You can see many ethnic groups, with each unique and colorful as relatively more Rais, Limbus and Newar living in harmony in this area.

    Tribenighat is the plce from where the Arun and Tamur join the Sunkoshi to form the giant Saptakoshi, that flows through Mahabharat range onto the Gangetic plain. 

    River Grade:  Class V+
    Starting Point:  Dolalghat
    Ending Point :  Chattra (Dharan)
    River Distance:  272 Km
    River Days:  9 Days from Kathmandu
    Best Season:  All round year 
    Price:  USD $ 475 per person 


White River Rafting

Nepal is the land of himalyas where eight out of fourteen highest peaks in the world falls in Nepal. because of the himalays, Nepal is rich in water resources. fast flowing water from the himalayas has helped to generated hydro eletricity. the fast flowing water is not limited to eletricity but also to white river rafting.

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